Martijn Mes

Full Professor in Optimization and Artificial Intelligence for Transportation and Logistics

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Biography [1/3]

Biography [1/3]

I am a full professor of Transportation and Logistics Management within the High Tech Business and Entrepreneurship departmentat the University of Twente (Enschede). I have a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics (2002) and did my PhD at the School of Management and Governance, University of Twente (2008). Afterwards, I did my postdoc at Princeton University, Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering, where I did research on the topics of Ranking and Selection (R&S), Bayesian Global Optimization (BGO), and Optimal Learning.

Biography [2/3]

In general, my research is on optimization and artificial intelligence for transportation and logistics, including aspects like synchromodal transport, urban logistics, multi-agent systems (MAS), dynamic vehicle routing problems (VRP & DVRP), ranking and selection problems (R&S), optimal learning, approximate dynamic programming (ADP), (deep) reinforcement learning, machine learning,  discrete-event simulation, and simulation optimization. I have participated in a large variety of research and implementation projects (national as well as European) on the topics of sustainable logistics, urban logistics, city distribution, port logistics, and intermodal and synchromodal transport.

Biography [2/3]
Biography [3/3]

Biography [3/3]

Within the program Industrial Engineering and Management, I provide various BSc and MSc courses related to simulation, queueing theory, stochastic dynamic programming, Markov chains, reinforcement learning, approximate dynamic programming, mathematical programming, transportation management, and management of technology.

Research Interest

Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Reinforcement Learning | Deep Reinforcement Learning | Approximate Dynamic Programming | Optimal Learning

Operations Research | Stochastic optimization | Markov Decision Processes | Discrete-event simulation | Simulation optimization | Multi-agent systems

Dynamic vehicle routing problems | Green logistics | Urban Logistics | Pricing and auctions in freight transport | Last-mile logistics | Drone and robot logistics




Simulation (teacher) | Operations Research Techniques 2 (teacher) | IEM Research Orientation (Teacher) | Management of Technology for PLM (Teacher) | Supply Chain and Transportation Management (Teacher) | Warehousing (Teacher) |


Stochastische Modellen in Operations Management (Teacher) | Project: processen en procesbesturing (Teacher) | Project Productie & Logistiek Management (Teacher) | Module 1: Introductie Technische Bedrijfskunde (Tutor) | Module 2: Operations (Tutor) | Module 3: Business Intelligence and IT (Tutor) | Module 6: Consumentenproducten (Tutor) | Module 8: Modelling and analysis of stochastic processes (Module Coordinator & Teacher) | OR Models for the premaster IEM (Teacher)

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Publications, presentations and interviews

An overview of journal publications, book chapters, publications in professional magazines, presentations, interviews, my teaching activities, and demonstrations of various simulation models can be found at the university website by following the link below.

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Publications, presentations and interviews

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